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TSA Locksmiths in Cape Town: Your one stop locksmith shop

TSA 24 hour Locksmiths in Cape Town

Have you ever been stuck in a situation where you were locked out (or inside) a car or building and wished you knew of a 24 hour locksmith in Cape Town?

At TSA Locksmiths, we realise the urgency of needing to get in or out of situations quickly and efficiently, which is why we offer our locksmith services 24 hours a day.

locksmith Cape Town

Registered Commercial and Residential Locksmiths in Cape Town

TSA locksmiths are registered with the Locksmith Association of South Africa (LASA). We specialise in vehicle locks and are highly qualified residential and commercial locksmiths.

No matter the situation, with over 10 years of locksmith experience you are guaranteed to find the best assistance from TSA Locksmiths in Cape Town.

TSA Car Locksmiths in Cape Town

Locked out or in with no spare keys? Not to worry, TSA Locksmiths specialise in opening vehicles. There is no need to have your vehicle towed just to get a key cut.

Expressly designed mobile workshop units from TSA Locksmiths will conquer any technical problem you have on-site. We have all the equipment, including blank keys, to offer a wide array of services from key cutting to remote replacement, we are ready to assist you.

TSA Car Locksmiths in Cape Town can replace:

  • Transponder keys
  • Vehicle keys
  • Ignition keys
  • Vehicle remote locking devices and
  • Vehicle alarm remotes for almost all makes or vehicles.

TSA Residential Locksmiths in Cape Town

Good security is vital to your home. The best security often starts with an efficient door lock. However a locked door will only trouble some criminals, as others have found various cunning ways to navigate around locked doors.
TSA Locksmiths offer great advice when it comes household security – contact us.

Re-keying locks

If you are concerned that your keys have been misplace or stolen and have fallen into the wrong hands, it’s a good idea to re-key your locks. TSA locksmiths are proficient at re-keying locks.

*Re-keying locks is often cheaper than replacing all of your locks. 

Installing, Repairing and Changing Locks

As stated previously, a lock is a great defence, however not all locks are equal in terms of the level of security they provide. Quality differs according to specifications as well as the brand.

Good quality locks can often be repaired, in which case TSA Locksmiths will professionally repair the lock. In cases where a lock cannot be repaired, TSA Locksmiths will skilfully replace the lock.

Additionally, in order for any lock to work efficiently, it’s vital that all locks are fitted in the correct way.  TSA Locksmiths can install any type and brand of lock effectively and professionally.

Garage Door Locks

Our locksmiths are experts at opening garage doors; replacing garage door locks and replacing garage door keys.

TSA Commercial Locksmiths in Cape Town

Your business is your livelihood. Here at TSA Locksmiths we understand that; we also understand that the security of your business starts with a locked door. Therefore we want to make sure that your locks are working to their optimal ability to keep your commercial assets safe.

Master Key Systems

Owners and managers can benefit greatly from a master key system when access to multiple parts of a building is required. TSA Locksmiths will design, create and install a master set of cylinders and padlocks which allow access with the use of a master key.

Keyed-alike systems are similar to master key systems, the difference being that every key is a “master key”.

High Security Locks

There is a range of high security locks on offer from TSA Locksmiths:

  • Electromagnetic locks
  • Digital access locks
  • Fingerprint locks and
  • Biometric locks

The high security locks are built with hardened materials. This, combined with the specialised design enables the locks to withstand immense blunt-force pressure and withstand forced entry.

TSA Commercial and Residential Locksmiths in Cape Town

Whether you require assistance getting in, getting out, changing locks or upgrading your lock security; TSA Locksmiths in Cape Town are dedicated to providing you with rapid, effective and expert 24 hour locksmith services.

For more information about our services, please contact us.

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