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How to install a sliding door lock - Tips from locksmiths in Cape Town

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We understand that security is of utmost importance and there are certain doors which don’t exactly provide the best security possible.

One of these being sliding doors which are most commonly found at home owner’s patios or balconies, making them relatively vulnerable to a break-in.

Most sliding doors don’t come with actual locks and are typically fitted with a handle which is simply latched onto the frame. These are easily compromised.

The good news is that you can easily install a lock on your sliding door which instantly makes it more secure.

Locksmiths in Cape Town - sliding door locks

Tips from locksmiths in Cape Town - Installing a sliding door lock

  • First clean the sliding door track – use a broom to sweep out the dirt and dust which have accumulated in the track of the door. Make sure you sweep every possible side and corner. Once you have loosened the dust, vacuum all the dirt up with a vacuum cleaner. If your sliding door track is extremely dirty then remove the door and clean with soap and water. make sure it’s completely dry before putting the door back
  • Mark your mounting hole – it’s important that you align the lock at the bottom of the sliding door. Use your finger to tap on the bade of the outer door to establish where exactly the glass ends. Once you have found where the glass ends, mark it clearly with a marker. Put the lock against the inner door and align the bolt found in the lock with the mark you made on the door. Ensure that the lock is positioned straight and then mark a circle in the top screw hole of the lock. That will be where you will drill your first mounting hole
  • Drill the hole – using a steel punch placed in the centre of the hole you marked, slightly tap the punch with a hammer. This will result in a small indentation in the door. Now use the drill to slowly drill a hole but do not drill too deep because you may risk cracking the glass behind the frame. Use a steady pressure while drilling
  • Mark your second mounting hole – attach the lock to the inner door frame by screwing it into the hole you just drilled. After carefully tightening the screw, make sure the lock is properly aligned and use your marker to make another mark in the other screw hole
  • Drill the second mounting hole – repeat step 3
  • Mark the hole for the lock bolt – attach the lock by screwing it into both drilled holes. Push the lock bolt in and use the marker to draw around the bolt to create a pattern to be drilled out. Unscrew the lock and remove it again
  • Drill the hole for the lock bolt – tap an indentation in the mark with the punch and hammer. First use a 1/8th inch drill bit to drill the hole before using a ½ inch bit to widen the hole
  • Install the lock – reattach the lock using the two screws as before and then push in the bolt, making sure it slides into the bolt hole. Unlock the lock with the key and repeat several times to make sure the lock works and was properly installed

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Not all locks provide complete security. Not only does quality vary across brands, but lock specifications vary as well. In order to provide complete security your locks needs to be fitted in the correct way. TSA Locksmiths will install all types of locks professionally, and can advise on the best lock for the job.

For professional, affordable 24 hour locksmiths in Cape Town who can assist you with all your lock and key needs, contact us today.

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